Think about it. You could carve out a big chunk of time, line up a huge crew of people and services, locate the car, nail down a location, spend a fat wad of cash, and pray for good weather. Or you could call us.


We bathe your car with beautiful lighting, capture every shimmering detail, shoot the location of your dreams, blend with artistic vision, and pull off an image that looks like a million bucks but costs far less and takes a fraction of the time.
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About Us

Michael Mayo was trained in the arts. After studying at California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles, Michael moved into advertising work where he was able to apply his art background to his commercial assignments. Michael has spent over two decades combining mediums of art and commerce. From Los Angeles, to New York, to Dallas, Michael continues his unique photographic vision.

Imaginary Lines has been capturing imagination and creating alluring photo Illustrations for 25 years. We can help you implement your project from conception through completion with technical and artistic skill. Chris Stoll, our camera and production guru, will provide a world of technical knowledge and a comprehensive inventory of Phase One and Fuji photographic gear, including 2 Phase One IQ4 150mp backs, allowing you to feel comfortable on your next shoot. The photographic resolution and color fidelity is incredible, and it allows us to create engaging high resolution multipurpose images that work for web to outdoor. Mary Brandt Stoll, our creative director and one of our outstanding artists, will help you realize your vision. She and Brian Goosen, our web magician and another very skilled artist, will bring your project together, creating versatile and lovely still and motion images for your next campaign.

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